Daily Practice

Daily Practice

I've come to accept that it is just as important to be persistent in your consistency of the task or habit that you are trying to build as the actual amount of time spent or the intensity of your action when practicing or training. If you are not doing things in a routinely manner then it will be much harder to make the habit stick. Also, having a routine will allow you to hold yourself accountable when you aren't keeping your schedule; you can get back on track.

It's a good idea to keep a pocket notebook that you can do partial journaling from or as I do, my entire journal comes from my pocket-book. I've kept myself aware of most, close to all, of the little things that tend to be forgotten about as I go through the day. little stuff like 'batteries on the store run' or 'don't forget to put that in the mail today' can be easily remembered if you just take the time to note it in your journal. I don't ever write out the whole idea. Just a note that I understand will suffice. Plus, this is quick and I enjoy the shorthand that I create for my notes, making a game out of it for me.

Have fun with what you do. Keeping track of a task or habit that you usually don't like to do is no fun. Make it fun. Turn it in to a game. You may not enjoy this at first but as you move through the days your idea of points start to accrue and you'll begin to experience that warm feeling of achievement. Success is the achievement of goals you have set before you. Being successful feels good and you'll begin to strive for this on your own and grow in the process.

Patience is the virtue of the Gods my friends and this is the key to the universe. Time is an illusion and when you learn to be patient and accept the way things are now in this moment, you'll gain the ability to build the next moment. Love and Peace to all of you. "Be Good or Be Good At It"


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