Emotional High

Emotional High

When we make important decisions in life it is important to be sober. I mean, it is important for most people. However, most people also don't consider themselves to be under the influence of their emotional state of being. Or at least they do not give their emotions enough credit for the choices made in their life. Accepting this fact will help you start changing your world today. 

Our emotions are as intoxicating as any drug. Completely blinded by the way we feel, we become deaf to the world around us in bouts of anger or frustration. Our mandatory meetings are missed due to time running faster because of the fun we were having playing with the kids. Or choosing to physically hurt this person or murder because we are jealous, selfish, afraid of being found-out? Unlike drugs and alcohol, our emotions are always in our bloodstream.

Fact is that we are physically influenced by our emotional state through the release of special hormones. We can learn to be sober. It's kind of funny to realize that everyone on the planet is constantly getting high off their emotions. We should all start helping one another with our emotional challenges and support each other through difficulty. Knowing someone else is going through very difficult times and abandoning them shows poor character. Also, it probably made the other guys emotional state worse.

Be weary of your emotional state when making decisions and try to ensure you are sober. Scripture speaks on this too. 'BeGoodorBeGoodAtIt' 

Love and peace to you all, I have to get ready for work so I'll catch u later. 


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