Take a Hike Procrastination

Take a Hike Procrastination

Hello fellow procrastinators and overthinkers. Today I want to think about the ways that we fail to maintain focus and some of the latest ideas that I've been introduced to that may help you. I also want to invite everybody that reads this to comment, and possibly provide other ways that we could increase our productivity. Stop procrastination and overthinking with at few easy to learn tricks that will clear your mind. 

Today, as I was walking to the corner store for my coffee and fresh air, I looked up and noticed the moon standing over a stop sign and this beautiful home I seem to have never seen before. Really, I just never looked at the home for more than a few seconds before today; but I saw the beauty this morning for the first time. It distracted me from my immediate train of thought and I forgot what I was thinking. 

This happens to us all the time and it is one of the reasons that we end up procrastinating, due to lost train of thought. We simply don't keep track of what we are thinking about. I recommend for those that struggle with this too often to keep up with their daily routine, to begin the practice of mindfulness. A daily sit of 5 - 10 min would drastically change the attention span that you are struggling with. You will be amazed with the difference. 

Another main cause of this brain fog would be our diets. I am 34 years old and I have been no stranger to the use of illicit narcotics, alcohol, hallucinogens and other. I have regained cognitive ability. I can tell the difference, tremendously, because of my change in diet. A little research in this field will help you find ways to improve your diet by adding some key nutrients and vitamins, specifically for the brain. Look into adaptogens as well and what your body needs in order to regenerate lost brain cells. [ synaptic plasticity and neurogenesis ]

It's a little too easy to be true, but it isn't, because it is true that you can download audible and discover many titles that cover the subjects of overthinking and worry. These are my enemies. I worry about everything. I actually end up worrying about worrying sometimes and it is all because of my tendency to overthink. My mind is sort of like the energizer bunny, it just keeps going and going.

Your practice of mindfulness will help you if you have the same problem as I do. However, I've learned some other tactics that may seem ridiculous. For example, If you find yourself thinking about something that really bothers you or you think the worst is going to happen, for no particular reason, and you can't shut it up. Instead of trying to stop thinking about it, dive into that thought. Completely immerse all of your thinking power into the thought and embrace the idea that has been defeating you. Want it to happen. Want the thing that you are so worried about instead of pushing the thought away. Accept the worst possible outcome as though its what you would prefer to happen. 

This changes the emotional state attached to the thought into something positive. Yes, you will have to use your imagination. I mean, you don't really want bad things to happen. We are just going to alter your emotion that is attached to this idea. We remove the sad, angry, or fatigued state of consciousness from the thought and replace it with content, joy, pride or relaxation. The point is to trick the subconscious into believing that this potential worst case scenario is not a threat. We want the subconscious to KNOW  that even if this thing happens to come true, it is something we wanted to happen. 

Take a walk. Taking a walk will get your mind flowing in a natural state. If you can't or don't want to hop in the shower at this particular moment, but you're being bombarded with nasty thoughts, then a walk and some fresh air are an amazing quick fix to an overwhelmed mind. After, before or during the stop at the park along your path, stretch. I mean a good stretch too, this is good for the nervous system too and can really wake you up. 

One of my favorite ways to combat procrastination, is to make list of the things that need to be done, things that I want to do, goals that I am thinking about taking on, and lists of lists that I need to list. O' the list goes on... List are an effective way to put things in perspective. The key to a successful list is to use it. I list the things that I need to take care of, and then I use my list to take notes on, hold myself accountable and keep track of my progress within my goals. 

Last thing I will discuss. Journaling. I did not keep my first actual journal until 33 and man o man. Talk about looking at yourself in the mirror. If I journal the way I intend, honest with myself and my ambitions, then what I write in my journal is me. I love looking back at my thoughts through out the day. I have developed journaling into a habit for myself and I suggest you do the same. Get one of those pocket composition notebooks from Wal-Mart for 1.99 and keep one on you at all times with a decent pen. My pen is very important to me now. I feel like it knows me more than anyone. 

I hope these ideas will help you, they are helping me. There are many more ways to fight off the urge to stand there and do nothing while you think about all the great things you could be doing. This is the sad truth about constant fantasy. As long as we are stuck day-dreaming we will never achieve our dreams.  Everyone wants to slack or even complain about what their workload looks like compared to others. Well, that's going to keep them stuck right where they're at, and I do not feel sorry for those people. They want what others work for and will steal because they believe that they deserve to have what everyone else has or more. Some people believe that the entire world owes them. For what? Being pretty? I'm Pretty...  well I'm handsome anyway. 

I appreciate the read ladies and gentlemen. I would really love to hear some feedback in the comments. Blessings to every single person on this planet. I love you all. 'Be Good Or Be Good At It"



Thomas Moberly

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