I've Missed You

It has been a while since I have worked on my online store. I've have missed many opportunities for growth and marketing because of my shortcomings. This is unacceptable and if I were an employee instead of the owner of RoylemBuilt I would have been terminated due to my performance. I need to pick up my pace. I need to shape up and get myself back in the game. 

Life has ups and downs and businesses are no different. Just as well, if a business fails to operate it will fail to succeed and if a person or organism fails to perform simple tasks to keep itself alive then it will not survive. I have not been keeping up with my businesses needs and I feel like a bad parent. My baby is starving and has a diaper that would scare a landfill. It doesn't matter that I've been very turned around in the outside world, there are no excuses, and it must be corrected immediately. 

I appreciate you all for reading through my blog post and supporting RoylemBuilt. I am excited to get back to work and push ahead with my idea and vision for the future. RoylemBuilt is determination and dedication through difficulties and challenges of great extent and emotion drain. This universe is such a beautiful and extreme place where anything that you can dream or imagine is already true and in existence somewhere in vastness. Love and Respect to all of you. 

I would say tomorrow is a new day. That implies that I'll start changing my behavior tomorrow. I am starting to develop my new habits now. One of these I call logging; I keep my pocket composition notebook in my back-pocket and write a quick note w/date & time every hour or so, stating any goals that come to mind I'd like to focus on and any immediate tasks I need to remember to accomplish. It has helped me sharpen my daily goals and ease my stress levels with certain things. 

I am now mining cryptocurrency and have been able to maximize my returns for my hadwares capabilities and I also have several accounts set up for work from home gigs and opportunities that I don't want to miss out on. Plus, I've got my play to earn apps paying out as well. It's not that much income but I need whatever I can get. Alright, that's it for now.

Thank you for reading and I hope you were able to smile while taking the time to poke my brain. Bless the masses in need and may everyone have water and food tonight.

Love you ...

    Thomas L. Moberly

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