New Effort, Old Focus

New Effort, Old Focus

Oh man... I've been lagging on my business and it is taking its toll. I have been so distracted by everything in my life recently. Now that I have fallen so far behind in my personal goals, I am starting to feel like a failure. This is no bueno my friends. 

Depression is a state of mind that affects millions of Americans and millions of non-american people globally, everyday. It causes us to derail our entire lives sometimes. It can take our relationships and crush them, or bring a person to the damage end of a pistol. Suicide is a real tragedy that many families have had to face because of depression. 

I'm not saying that I feel suicidal. I am saying that I have been a little down as of late, and it is affecting my performance in life; my ability to focus on the things like work, finances, house cleaning, feeding the dog and many other day to day activities that make up my spent time. I can see immediately that I have not worked on my website in almost two full months. 

I need to get back on track. This is actually a perfect opportunity to enhance my relationship with you; my readers. I'm aware of my situation and I am eager to move forward. I would like to say that I am ready, but I don't know that yet. I believe that whether I am truly ready or not will show as soon as I begin the process of planning my escape. The freedom of having my mind back. 

Practicing mindfulness is significantly increasing my ability to focus. Through my shift at work, I am keeping my mind on my breathing and logging my focus. I write an entry hourly most times, but if it gets busy then I have to stay in my work. Building the habit of recording consistently is my main goal. So far I've been successful in this venture. 

As the days have been moving forward, I'm noticing a change in my attitude towards being present in this moment. Although I am stressed out and struggling to make ends meet financially, it's not taking the toll it was weeks ago. I feel a piece of mind I have not felt in a while. 

Taking time on my breaks to write is helping me as well. Also, the work that I complete goes toward my websites overall strength. I hope to keep this up. I keep my phone with me and write as often as I can adding to my articles as I go. 

Well, this is my check in. You guys stay safe out there and be happy. Bless you all, remember to be good or be good at it and love your neighbors. I wish you all the very best of days with love and thankfulness. 

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