On My Lunch Break

On My Lunch Break

Okay, Im writing this on my lunch break. I work at a Sonic Drive Thru in Bakersfield, Ca. We are located downtown; so on my lunch break I get to jump across the 4 lane 1 way street to get to the Shell Station just down to road. It reminds me of Frogger... Lol. I get a soda and smokes usually and then come back and wait to start my shift again. I bring my laptop wherever I go and It'd be senseless not to work on my hustle while I have time. Luckily, the Carwash across the way has really good wifi and I can upload photos and videos fairly quickly, without needing to use my phones hotspot.

The point I'd like to make in this post is to get your work in where you can fit it. If you want to create a business, go for it. If you want said business to succeed, then you need to work at it. This stuff doesn't do itself. No matter what the AI industry is selling right now, you still have to do a lot of work yourself to make things happen. Or pay someone to do it for you; I am available on Fiverr for anyone that's interested in working with me on one of their projects? I want my Brand to succeed, and it is going to succeed because I am going to carry it through that door. 

Who sets the success of my Brand? I do... What is success? That is subject to the goals set, who sets those goals and whether or not those goals are met. This is how to measure success. Are you reaching your goals?

I have a secret to share. If you are having trouble with success, meaning you haven't experienced enough to consider yourself successful, then you should shrink your goals to something attainable. Think about a family size bag of skittles... If you eat one skittle at a time, finishing the whole bag is fairly easy to do over time and you can enjoy every skittle you eat. Life's problems are like this. If you break them down into the smallest of tasks and eat them one by one over a period of time, not only is each individual task easier, but you will enjoy completing them. You will feel successful with every goal you reach. 

However, if you eat an entire family size bag of skittles in one mouthful you'll  most likely experience discomfort. You may get a little sick from eating all that candy and the inside of your mouth might be messed up from making the whole bag fit. Honestly, I can't imagine trying to chew that, could you? Maybe if you just swallow the skittles whole. Maybe this isn't the best analogy but I believe I've shared this idea thoroughly. 

I am not so good at this myself. Well, not as good as I could be. I fail miserably when it comes to success. I know that I am capable of so much, but I don't do it. The power lies in this moment. Utilizing your time instead of wasting your time happens now. When you plan for the future, the action of planning takes place presently. All the time between a planned action and the planning is completely irrelevant to your plan or goal; this is because in that time you are focused on 'all other sorts of things' in life not pertaining to your goals. What I am suggesting is to reassign those 'all other sorts of things' life seems to throw at us, into clear and objectifiable obstacles.

Now we can plan to do something with these things. Every time we break-down an obstacle and define a path to change we create a goal; just the process should be considered a success though. Each time a goal is created, consider this a success and create another goal. I have trouble keeping my mind focused on completing the small goals. Sometimes I find myself daydreaming about goal; stuck in some elaborate & lavish future success that I will never reach because I'm stuck fantasizing about it.

So I'm on my lunch break. Well, I was. 

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