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RoylemBuilt Brand & Mission originally came from and idea I had developed while working in New Mexico as manager of a travel stop restaurant location called "The Flying 'C' Ranch," owned by Bowlin's' Travel Centers Inc.. I was dreaming a lot about reaching financial freedom and never working again or stressing about the bills, groceries, having enough space for the kids and whether I would be safe if I lost my job somehow. I started looking into work from home opportunities and tried different affiliate programs; eventually running into high ticket affiliate marketing and a guy that had created a company called 21 step business or something, I forget his name. I fell into his sales funnel and trusted him just enough to pay 56$ for this model that would help me build my own company from scratch and start earning 6-7 figures in only a few months' time, if I applied myself fully and correctly to this model.

I unknowingly signed myself up for disappointment as after reaching a certain point in this program, they tried to sell me a package deal with the rights to sell this package myself as well and dang, it sounded like it was the best deal of my life. Plus, I had already worked so hard on my website; setting up my different accounts to collect payments; not to mention applying myself so fully to this guy's instructions. I had listened to his ideas on marketing for hours. I understood his beliefs on our ability to achieve greatness, working for results, rather than selling my time for cash to an employer. I only ever receive a portion of the total earnings or value of my work and ideas when I take employment from a company or business. I could not afford to buy into this model and I am thankful for this because...

I wasn't about to have wasted my time and luckily, I am the type of person to take a 'something,' and turn it into a 'something useful.' I realized that I had built the foundation to a web store and all I had to do was select a different product to sell. I also had hours of useful knowledge about marketing, SEO optimization, online traffic analysis, creating sales funnels, etc. So I really hadn't wasted any of my time at all; none of us ever do in reality, but that'll be a whole different topic to discuss in future blog posts...

Taking this man's advice, I thought long and hard on what I would sell instead of his program. He had a digital product that he valued at $5500.00 USD and was able to retail this product at $2400 easily to people like me. I thought about clothes, but why would I do all that work for such a low dollar item? Watches? No... What about finer watches, like automatic watches with jeweled bearings and 1-2 yrs. worth of work and design to produce? Like Rolex, but affordable to people like me. I thought, I'd like that... I'd love to have a place I could shop that could provide access to something all about automatic watches and options that were affordable for myself. I looked into it and found that there weren't many companies doing this yet. Perfect!

I spent some time building this thing and it worked. Then tragically my grandmother had a stroke. She had been helping with kids and all of the sudden, my job was in jeopardy as well as my grandmother's life. The family decided to travel to New Mexico to pick her up and bring her back to California where her doctor practiced. Well, she got worse and became terminal. She wanted to see my kids and I wanted to let her, but my company couldn't afford to let us leave our post in New Mexico. Everything came to a head, and I sacrificed my employment for Bowlin's Travel Centers Inc. My grandmother passed away a month later, but she got her wish to see the babies before she left us. I also left behind the financial support that was necessary to continue my entrepreneurship and I was forced to let go of my progress and figure something out. 

I changed my website again from a platform to sell product to just a landing page for 'RoylemBuilt Fencing & Construction' out of Bakersfield, California with no license or insurance to speak of; just a weak plan, a strong will, sober mind and my full heart. I spent myself on this thing, and it worked... I had to get help from an uncle that had taught me a lot involving construction as a kid. I used to go every weekend with him and my cousin Jr. as a kid to build something new or repair someone's home. We'd put on a roof or build a fence or sprinkler system all the time when I was younger. So when me and Wayne, my uncle, started working together later in life, it was natural, and we did very well for ourselves. Then I made a choice that would change my life direction very fast, and it would be permanent and unrepairable. I started to use methamphetamines.

This ended with me in the gutter, homeless, and I no longer had a family or my children with me. I couldn't get work and even if I could have, I had sold all my tools for drugs. I was broken and mentally I was somewhere else entirely. I found hope in a person that was hanging around my sister's house. She was just a bright part of my week at first. I'd run in to her when stopping in at Asia's house to take a shower and grab some food. My sister Asia is the second sibling out of four; I am the oldest, then Asia, Thai and Emily Moberly. Allison Langston is my sister's friend and her oldest daughter Sophie is my sister's daughter Charlie's best friend. 

Seeing Allison at Asias house helped me realize that I could grow a family with someone else and my life would be full again, in time. I began working on myself; I would get physically sick because of my emotions rushing in on me and overwhelming me to the point of vomiting. Sometimes in anger sometimes in remorse. The way that things happened leading up to my ex taking the kids and then how I had my rights taken away because I couldn't make it to court. I blame no one but myself, but the fact is I'm not the only one that was wrong or did wrong. What matters is the future. Allison somehow gave me the ability to envision this again. I didn't know that I would end up being so lucky as to actually have the opportunity to marry this beautiful woman. 

We started dating July 27th, 2020, and since then we've been up, down, we've been through hell and seen some gorgeous places together. I went to prison because I was arguing with Allison and decided to go get drunk, then smashed my vehicle into an innocent person's mode of transportation while driving recklessly. I endangered so many people's lives that day and took the ability to get around town away from the person I hit. Then I left the scene to park my van at my girlfriends dads house which was visible from the accident. That turned into a hit and run along with the DWI. Allison made sure that I was never hungry in prison. I gained 55 pounds even while doing two sets of 500 sit-ups every day and 300 push-ups. I Love this girl to death, I do, and I am so thankful to have her in my life. 

Before I went to prison, I was able to stop drinking. Allison had bailed me out and I tried to fight the case for a year before I gave in to the feelings of captivity brought to life by the fear of losing at trial. I also took a paid job doing concrete work the six months prior to my sentencing and left on a good note, with the intent and permission to return to work upon my release. Before I got that job, I had already completed several contracts renovating houses in Taft, California. I had earned a decent amount towards purchasing a 1992 Dodge Ram Van B250 Camping Van; I never could have done this without Allisons help, but I used this van as my work vehicle throughout the time remaining. I got myself into treatment in prison, and have been focused in my recovery.

I started to put RoylemBuilt back together before I turned myself in and when I got out of prison, all my accounts were closed and my credit cards had been charged automatically and not paid. It sucked to see this. I have been patiently seeking income... That's looking for a job... because I don't want to break any laws and I can't work for Steve Ogden Concrete without needing to drive between jobsites and I can't get my driver's license until I have graduated STEP's II. Right now I'm employed at Sonic on 23rd St. in downtown Bakersfield. It's been enough to get my $1 a month three month trial and here I am... Welcome to RoylemBuilt. This is me guys... 


Thank you for reading, 



or Thomas L Moberly Jr


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